Re-start | Re-purpose | Re-fresh

A special sales event focusing
on new beginnings with feel good products

March 14-15 Weekend, 2020

Saturday: 10:30 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:30 - 17:00

Anglicka 14, Vinohrady, Praha 2
Shop Up Stories runs thematic sales events over the selected weekends to introduce new concepts and brands
to our customers.

In these events, we empty the whole store and prepare it for the new selected participating brands. In the events, brands directly sell to their visitors themselves where the payments are
handled by Shop Up Stories sales staff.

Shop Up Stories charges the higher of either "the event participation fee" or "20% of the event sales volume" during events. The participation fee for this event is 2,490 Kč.
Shop Up Stories provides affordable and flexible micro-retail spaces to young, independent brands and designers, so that they can sell directly to their customers in a popular location without making a long-term commitment or a big investment on space, staff and infrastructure.
How it works
Apply and confirm your participation
Pick display units for your products:
Shelves, tables or racks.
Bring your products
Bring your products to our store.
Let the world know
Tell all your customers,
followers and the world that
you'll be participating the event with time, date and location information.
Watch sales grow
Meet your customers. Introduce new products. Answer questions and sell as you normally do. We'll be there to handle all sales transactions with our terminals.
March 14-15, Re-start | Re-purpose | Re-fresh
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Frequently Asked Questions
Below, you can find the answers to
the most common questions we receive
about the events.
What are the "Shop Up Stories events" about?
Shop Up Stories runs thematic events to introduce new brands to its customers by using a different theme for each event. We pick themes according to the season, brands we discover, latest trends and in line with direct feedback from our customers.
Did you do any previous events before?
Yes, we did a total of 4 events before. 2 opening events in 2019, and 2 more thematic events where we the themes were "back to the city" and "kitchen & home".
How much does it cost to participate the events?
The event participation fee is 2,500 Kč for 2 days + 500 Kč for common catering budget.

Shop Up Stories charges the higher of the participation fee or 20% of the sales volume during the event. This means if your turnover is more than 12,500 Kč, then we switch to 20% sales commission and charge according to your turnover, if 20% your turnover during the event stays below 2,500 Kč, then we charge only the participation fee.

For example, if your turnover during the event is;
- 10,000 Kč ---> 20% is 2,000 Kč, which is less than 2,500 Kč, therefore we don't charge anything additional. We charge participation fee only.
- 20,000 Kč ---> 20% is 4,000 Kč, which is more than 2,500 Kč, we issue an additional invoice of 1,500 Kč to charge a total of 4,000 Kč.

In addition to these, Shop Up Stories is a cashless store and we process all transactions with cards. Our payment partner Slashpay charges 2.7% transaction fee + 4 CZK per transaction. These are charged separately.
How are the payments handled?
Shop Up Stories is a cashless store. That means all transactions are card transactions and they are handled by our payments partner Slashpay and Wirecard. Our payment partner Slashpay charges 2.7% transaction fee + 4 CZK per transaction. These fees are charged separately.
Can customers pay cash?
Unfortunately no, all transactions are handled by cards. We do not have any infrastructure to handle EET and therefore we do not accept any cash.
How do you create traffic for the event?
Although we cannot guarantee a certain level of traffic for the events, we have a list of customers who applied to be notified about the events we run. In addition to these, we run paid advertising on major social media channels starting from 7 days before the event.
Do i need to attend the event or provide staff? Who does the sales during the event?
The purpose of these events is to create the brands a chance to meet with their customers in person, listen to their feedback, personally have a chance to engage with them and sell. Therefore we require all the brands, especially the founders to be present at the events. Shop Up Stories team will be ready to handle all card transactions with terminals. Therefore all you need to do is to engage with your customers and direct them to us to pay.
When do we get paid after the event?
If you're participating the event as a brand who is already in Shop Up Stories, you'll be paid as usual, together with the end of the month payouts. If you're participating the event without being a part of Shop Up Stories, it takes 2 weeks for us to finalize the payout reports. After that, we'll share the reports that contain a breakdown of all transactions you did during the event. We also look for the sales volume during the event and calculate to see if we need issue an additional invoice for the difference between the participation fee and 20% of the sales volume. After that, we settle the account either by deducting the additional sales commission or send the full payout amount. Payment related fees are automatically deducted by the bank before we receive the payout amount.
What if we don't sell enough to cover the participation fee?
If your sales volume during the event ends up below the participation fee, we'll be happy to give you the missing part as a store credit, so that you can get a space during the weekdays to have another chance to sell.

For example, if your sales end up as 1,000Kč, we'll give you 1,500Kč (2,500-1000) worth of store credits.

During the weekdays, we'll handle everything as Shop Up Stories starting from placing your products in the store, selling them to our customer base as well as sending you instant payment notifications.
How can we fit to the store while you have the regular brands in the store?
During the events, we empty the whole store and the space is shared only within the participating brands. We usually limit the number of brands (8 instead of 20), so that every brand can have enough space to display their products
Do we need to bring any facilities apart from our products (racks, hangers, tables, steamer, bags...)?
We have racks, shelves, tables and mostly all major display furniture required in these events, however, we expect you to bring your own minimal promotional and packaging materials as well as hangers if relevant.
Is there a fitting room for customers?
Yes, we have one fitting room in the store.
Is the place baby-carriage friendly/dog-friendly?
Yes, it is at the entry level and dog friendly, however, we expect the customers to keep their dogs on the leash.
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