Ajala Chocolate - Coconut Cream

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Coconut cream is the creamiest chocolate without a drop of milk. Smelling like a vacation in an exotic paradise, it melts delightfully on the tongue and caresses your taste buds passionately. It is a rare pearl of our chocolates, which both children and adults will immediately fall in love with. Experience taste intoxication with chocolate as soft as velvet.

Coconut cream is our answer to milk chocolate!

The highest quality cocoa beans and the creamy taste of coconut create an extraordinary creamy experience. Discover the power of our selection of chocolate combined with the delicacy of coconut.

Coconut cream chocolate won a bronze medal in 2018 in the most prestigious European chocolate competition, the European, Middle Eastern and African Bean-to-bar Competition.

Gently roasted, ground with granite stones, tempered, packed with love.