Candycane Coffee – El Pino / Peru (Filter) 250 g

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Dry mango, chocolate truffle, grapefruit peel.

Norvil Perez’s farm sits at 2000-2100 masl in Sector el Campo, in the Callayuc district in the province of Cutervo. He oversees a diverse blend of Caturra, Bourbon, and Typica coffee varieties. The harvest takes place around August.

He joined Aromas del Valle cooperative in 2022. Aromas Del Valle is located in the Cajamarca Region of Northern Peru. They went from being an association to a Cooperative in 2021. The cooperative is fairly small with about 300 members and was established in order to generate greater representation and participation among its members, to provide them with better access to public and private funding, and to develop niche markets and become an active participant in the coffee social movement both at national and international levels.

Coffees are processed as natural.