Candycane Coffee – Thiririka PB / Kenya (Filter) 250 g

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Raspberries, red currants, gooseberries.

Introducing our new lot of Peaberry Coffee from Kenya, sourced from the renowned Thiririka Farmers Cooperative Society. This exceptional coffee lot consists of beans meticulously cultivated by hundreds of smallholders surrounding the cooperative's washing station.

Kenyan PB lots possess a distinctive character, but they come in limited quantities, making them highly sought-after. We are delighted to offer you the chance to experience this rare gem.

The Thiririka FCS takes pride in its three factories: Githembe, Kiganjo, and Ndundu. At Githembe, the coffee undergoes a meticulous pulping and washing process before being transported to Kiganjo for drying. Supported by approximately 1500 active farmers, cultivating SL 28, SL 34, and Batian varieties in rich clay loam soil, this exceptional coffee is truly a product of dedication and expertise.

Harvested from October to December and carefully shipped from March to April, each year yields an impressive production of 4100 bags (60 kg) of this extraordinary coffee. Embrace the unique flavors and aromas this Peaberry lot has to offer, and indulge in a coffee experience like no other. Order yours now and savor the essence of Kenyan coffee culture in every sip.