Candycane coffee - SL by Salaverria – Salvador - 250 g

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Once a year you need to close your eyes and spin the roulette wheel with crazy ideas. This year it fell on a crazy experiment, which we have been participating in for the third year. Jose Antonio Salaverria and our friend Jamie Jongkind like to experiment and we joined them, and we like to arm and drink their experiments.

This year's "flight" is really something. It was not enough to experiment only with the processing process, but this year experimenting with non-native varieties was added to the whole mix. And that's how the selective coffee from El Salvador was created from the Kenyan SL variety (grown in El Salvador) and the experimental anaerobic processing that NA is testing in Indonesia.

Well, let's face it, it's definitely not everyone's cup of coffee. In the taste, an abundance of tropical fruit and the fermented taste of kombucha. You really don't expect this from coffee. For this, we have prepared a beautiful 1000 golden bags for the first thousand brave ones. Enjoy it!