Chelbesa Etiopie 1kg F

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We have prepared for you another lot of great washed Ethiopian coffee from the Gebeb region. A classic flavor profile of citrus, peach and black tea.

The Chelbesa washing station is the first of two branches owned by the export company SNAP Coffee in the area. The head of the station is Girum Assefa.

The Chelbesa washing station is located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level, not far from the town of Worka in the Gedeb region. Chelbesa is the largest growing area in the Gedeb region. The total area of ​​the farms is over 1240 hectares and the station buys cherries from around 600 farmers. Their farms have an average size of between 0.5 and 2 hectares and lie at an altitude of around 1925 and 2110 m above sea level.

Cherries are picked by hand and later sorted by hand. Cherries are crushed with a traditional Agaarde Discpulper. The peel and pulp of the fruit are removed before the machine evaluates the parchment in water as Grade 1 or Grade 2, depending on density. The coffees are washed in channels and sorted in the water according to density. The lower density (lower quality) will float and be removed, leaving only the denser and therefore higher quality grains, which are separated as higher quality lots.

SNAP COFFEE supports the community of smallholder farmers living near the washing station by partnering with washing station owners. Washing stations build schools and SNAP COFFEE provides computers and other equipment. SNAP COFFEE also builds roads into less accessible agricultural areas. In the future, health clinics are planned to be built to improve access to health care for farmers in remote areas.