El Vapor – Costa Rica 250 g

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This specific lot is located at 1700 masl in the Dota Valley, they have planted Catuai and Caturra in one of the highest points of the town named El Vapor.

This altitude provides excellent conditions for the cherries to grow and have bright acidity and fruity flavors.

Fatima is a wet mill located in Tobosi in the Cartago province of Costa Rica. Mercurio Industrial is the name of the company owner of the wet mill and also a sister company of Dinant. Mercurio Industrial bought this farm 43 years ago but it was until 2020 that they decided to process specialty coffee, thanks to Nelsyn Hernandez. In 2010 Don Nelsyn, an agronomy engineer, came into the picture, and the company hired him to rescue the farm, unfortunately, before don Nelsyn the farm didn’t give its best potential.  Nelsyn focused a lot to give the best farm practices and taking really good care of the plants. Over the years he planted a lot of new varieties on the farm including Bourbon, Villa Sarchi, Geisha, and Hybrids. Nowadays he is very happy with the great results the farm has given him after many years of hard work.

He is always looking for new ways to improve and grow the project in a sustainable way. They built in the past 2 years one of the nicest wet mills and Anaerobic stations in the whole country and now they are also purchasing cherries from other farmers in the community of Dota in order to process more micro lots.