Konomi - Ceremonial Grade 3 / Organic Matcha

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This year, we have chosen a highly intensive organic matcha for our basic product grade, which is great not only for ceremonial drinking, but also for mixing it into tasty modern drinks.

This concept is the basis of our philosophy of using the health benefits of matcha, as we believe that even when consuming Matcha tea in mixed drinks or confectionery, you should consume its highest organic quality and not just the lower quality "culinary matcha" that is commonly used in production of mixed drinks or desserts and is used mainly for coloring and flavoring these products without consuming them to get a high amount of healthy substances into your body.


Taste characteristics: Full umami taste, higher bitterness with a bitter aftertaste.

Weight: 30g

Country of origin: Japan

Shelf life: 12 months from the time of production, the exact date indicated on the packaging