Loklok Homemade Kombucha Kit

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The best gift for kombucha lovers!

For us, making kombucha is such a joy that we want everyone to try it. With a guarantee of success.

In the Loklok kombucha kit, you will find everything you need for home preparation of fresh kombucha. From our own starter culture, to detailed instructions and online support for a great result. We want everyone to be able to make their own kombucha, so we have a complete set for you.

But this is not just a kombucha set - this is a real work of art! Together with KARTOONS, we have developed an object for several months that will take on not only a fermentation role in your household, but also an artistic one. We are thrilled with the result - the organic spiral is both a protective cover for the fermentation container and a sculpture made of innovative material that every visitor will want to discuss.

And what about the central piece left over after unfolding the spiral? That's why we made one extra bottom and one extra top, and ta-daa, you have a separate box for teas and other small items.

We also thought about the quality content - in the kit, you will find the same kombucha culture that we use, and a selection of teas prepared for you by experts from the Brno Journey of Tea.

If you are tempted to try making kombucha yourself, you are in the right place. If you like Loklok and want to make kombucha at home, you are in the right place. And if you want to give someone the gift of endless kombucha, you are in the right place.

We wish you a lot of joy in growing!

What will you find in the kombucha kit?

- A beautiful cover/stand for the fermentation container
- Starter culture
- A three-liter glass jar - home for kombucha
- 750ml bottle with wire top for proper carbonation
- Glass straw for testing the fermentation progress
- Exclusive selection of teas - black, green, floral
- Fabric cover for the container with elastic band
- Cane sugar for the first batch

Step-by-step instructions
We want each kit to grow into a home favorite. Therefore, we are available for your questions and will really care to help you make great kombucha - the first time, again, and a thousand times more! Really - you buy the kit once and it produces kombucha indefinitely!

We even believe in the kit so much that we offer a 100% guarantee of successful cultivation: if anything goes wrong, we will do everything to ensure that strong and healthy kombucha grows happily in your home. Maybe we'll send you a new culture for free.