Pikaplant - Soil Tablet

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Pikaplant Geo H2O is a ceramic planter with an integrated water reservoir, handcrafted in our ceramics studio in Amsterdam. We designed Geo to emulate a natural aquifer, gradually filtering water into the plant’s soil as it is needed. Coming in a sturdy box, it also makes the perfect gift for plantlovers.

All you have to do is occasionally refill the reservoir and your plant does the rest. The reservoir provides water to the plant for extended periods, which means you’ll never come home to wilting plants again. From growing herbs to flowers to succulents, Geo is suitable for a wide variety of indoor plants and seeds, and any level of gardening expertise. Geo ensures a balanced water supply and strong root growth for just about any indoor plant. Water from the reservoir gradually filters into the topsoil through a layer of porous clay, enabling plants to take in as much as they need.

Just as every plant is unique, no two Geo H2Os are exactly alike. Due to the hand-made nature of this product and the use of natural materials, the pattern and tint of the Ash ceramics will vary between individual items.

Geo H2O was designed to have a minimal negative impact on the environment and a maximal positive impact on greener living. It is handcrafted from glass, which is easily recycled, and naturally sourced clay. Neither material has an ill effect on soil, water, plants, or animals in the waste cycle.