Primavera Family – Guatemala

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Primavera Family is the name of a value-added communal "blend" produced by our Guatemalan coffee importer, Primavera Coffee Importers. The aim of this blend is to try to help farmers in the period of weaker harvests so that they are able to sell their coffee for reasonable money and are able to survive until the next year. Primavera decided to work with these farmers and give them the opportunity to earn a better income from the sale of coffee that they can use and reinvest in their farms and technology. Primavera is still working to improve the quality of the coffee and thus the purchase price of this coffee.

Primavera coffee focuses primarily on development and sustainability. It supports and educates small and medium-sized farmers and thanks to this their production is at a high level. Farmers get paid for their work and are not afraid to invest in new technologies to improve quality.

Farmers contributed to this blend: Marin Gaspar, Erica Cano, Selvin Cano, Rony Henandez Lopez, Rudy Lopez