Les Goodies - Purnama Rituals Power of Incense Set

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The set includes 5 glass bottles of Japanese incense with fragrances:

Balanced Spirit, Sweet Softness, Restoring Essence, Grounding Presence and Deep Rest, along with a wooden stand.

According to Japanese tradition, there is a strong connection as well as a holistic approach between scent, the senses, the human spirit and nature.

Ceremony, spirituality and mindfulness are central to this tradition.

incense - smokeless - natural

Handmade in Japan from natural materials.

Each type of fragrance contains 15 scent sticks.

Natural Japanese smokeless incense

Traditional incense is characterized by a rather heavy smell and intense smoke. Some people love them, but for those who prefer milder scents every day, we recommend Japanese incense.

Our Japanese incense sticks that make up the Power of Incense set have a much milder scent and are virtually smokeless.

Kōdō, or the Way of Incense, which literally means Incense, is the Japanese art of using and appreciating incense as a ritual, similar to the well-known tea ceremony.

The Kódó ceremony encompasses all aspects of incense appreciation, from the tools used to burn it to the art of recognizing and appreciating different notes and scents.