Les Goodies - Purnama Rituals Power of Presence Set

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The Power of Presence set includes one Palo Santo stick (SERFOR certified for ethical origin), sage smudge, Japanese incense sticks (10 pcs) and a handmade incense holder

Create a moment of presence and explore the powerful properties of purifying incense, known to clear space of unwanted energy and earth in the present moment.

The versatile Smoker Kit is our best selling product.

Packaged in a beautiful, minimalist box, it comes with an instruction booklet. It is the perfect gift for a friend, loved one or yourself.

Box: 15cm x 15cm x 7cm.
Palo Santo - length 10 cm
Bundle of sage - length 10 cm, weight 25 g.
Japanese fragrant stamens (sage): 10 pcs
Ceramic incense for incense sticks 9 cm - diameter