Zesto - Rhoeco Organic Cacao Husk Tea - Mint

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MINT cacao husk tea has the cooling, clean taste of mint which pairs perfectly with the rich cacao flavour leaving a deep sense of freshness. Perfect after dinner or prepared iced in the warm months of the year this timeless combination was the first blend we tried and blew us away!


A novelty delicious tea that stole our hearts from the first sip! True to our mission to offer sustainable products and at the same time suggest flavourful, natural goods, no wonder why we had an instant crush on the cacao husks! After monthslong sampling and research, we began to collaborate with small-scale organic chocolatiers who put quality first and treat the cacao husks with the same care and love as they do for the beans. In a more colorful mood, we developed a new range of tisanes which are still 100% pure and natural but take the concept of drinking a cup of tea to a whole new level!

What is it? It is a tisane that keeps all the chocolatey flavor and beneficial properties of beloved cacao while carrying zero calories. Plus, it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, a natural mood enhancer, and a mild pick-me-up meaning that you can skip the coffee and indulge in a cup of cacao husk tea

Why is it sustainable? The chocolate industry uses only the core of the cacao beans. At rhoeco, standing for sustainability and circular economy, we recognized a true gem in the husks, highly nutritional and tasty, and give them a second life by offering you a delicious treat! Enjoy your ‘chocolatey’ tisane and use the brewed cacao husks to feed your plants!

Ingredients: Cacao husks*, Whole leaf mint leaves*
*product of organic farming

Notes: Chocolatey, minty freshness