Slow Femme Book Magazine

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The fashion industry puts almost the greatest strain on nature, and unwittingly we all contribute to it. Be among the first to flip through pages full of inspiration and practical advice for a more sustainable wardrobe. We want to help you find a responsible approach to fashion.

Our magazine is in book format so that it fits on your bookshelf and you can return to it repeatedly for inspiration.

At Slow Femme, it's important to us to put things in perspective, which is why our book magazine doesn't just contain articles about fashion, but covers a wider range of lifestyle topics, with the main link being a more responsible approach to the things we already own.

The 160 pages are filled with photographs and illustrations that will delight the eye and the soul. The result is a magazine with lasting value in book format. We would like our book magazine to become your companion on your journey towards a more sustainable life. To travel from hand to hand so you can give it to a friend, classmate, or anyone who is trying to live more slowly and mindfully. So that it lasts more than a few months in your library and you're always happy to return to it. The final look of the magazine is accentuated by the quality paper, the smell of which will lull you for days and evenings.

Number of pages: 160


Size: 210mm x 274mm

Year of publication: 2021