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Zesto - The Wandering Workshop Balancing Toy - Gardening

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DESIGN: A beautifully designed toy inspired by the world of illustration.

'In the terrace' pretend play set is part of our new collection 'Oh, the little joys!'. A toy collection about finding beauty -through play- in the ordinary. It's about playing with all those little things and moments that make us happy. Let's share with our kids the joy that lies in the simple things such as making a little garden and daily taking care of it.


Pretend play or make-believe play is acting out of stories that involve multiple perspectives and the playful manipulations of ideas and emotions.

It takes place between the age of 2.5 and 6 or 7 years old and according to Sarah Russ (2004), it involves fantasy, make-believe, symbolism, organization divergent thinking (the ability to come up with many different ideas, story themes & symbols). 

According to Scott Barry Kaufman, pretend play offers cognitive benefits such as increases in language usage and allows the expression of both positive and negative feelings and the modulation of effects, the ability to integrate emotion with cognition. 


cm: 12.5 Maximum Height * 2.5 Thickness
inches: 5 Maximum Height * 0.9 Thickness

MATERIALS: A high-quality & eco-friendly heirloom toy

All of our toys are hand-cut, hand-painted, and sanded satin smooth to offer soft surfaces for little hands.

  • We support responsible forestry by sourcing FSC-certified beech wood of European origin.
  • Non-toxic, water-based paints, AP certified
  • EN/71.3 certified glue

*Hand-MADE IN Crete, Greece

Recyclable cardboard box, beautifully packaged & ready to be offered as a gift.

If you wish to accompany the toy with a gift note, please include the text in a message.