Sojo - White Sage

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Would you like to bring peace and quiet to your home? White sage is known to clear spaces of negative energy. White sage also has a positive effect on mood, relieves fatigue or exhaustion, and suppresses depression. Its unmistakable spicy scent has purifying and refreshing effects.

A dried stick of white sage in the form of a smoking bundle.

Bundle length: approx. 10 cm

Plant origin: California

Use: Light the bundle, let it burn for about 30 seconds, then blow out the flame and let it smolder on a non-flammable mat (eg a plate or bowl) that you can pass through the rooms you want to clean. After the ritual is over, we can cut off the smoldering end or soak the bundle in water and put it out. The bundle can be used repeatedly after drying. The bundle is intended for smoking purposes only.