Smyssly - Wooden gua-sha for body detoxification

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Gua-sha plates are created for a gentle massage of your skin. Their origin can be found in the techniques of Chinese medicine. The beauty of the plates lies not only in their aesthetics and simplicity, but also in their easy use and also in the results. They can perfectly detoxify the skin and the acacia from which gua-sha is made helps to regenerate the skin. The plates can also remove any unevenness on your skin. They help relax sore muscles in the neck, shoulders, back or legs. You can also get rid of blocks with a regular massage. Gua-sha gets excess tension from your body from prolonged standing, sports or even other physical activity.

More about the product

Gua-sha helps to stimulate blood circulation and lymph, thereby releasing any swelling of the lymph nodes. Thanks to the faster circulation of blood, a larger amount of oxygen is transported to the cells. The platelets promote microcirculation, so that body fluids get into even the smallest blood vessels.

Massage as such has very beneficial effects in terms of muscle relaxation and reducing tension. The shape of the plates is designed to best adapt to the shape of your skin and thus gently relieves you of any unpleasant tension anywhere on your body.

Last but not least, gua-sha helps deeper absorption of the active ingredients of oils into the skin.

After use, reddening of the skin may occur due to blood circulation. It will subside after a while and the skin color will unify.


If you do not have time to oil yourself, you can also perform a massage over clothes, preferably over one that is elastic and will envelop you. If you have time, apply body oil to the skin first and then you can start the massage. Always do this towards the heart. Whether you start from the feet - always pull the plate up to the chest. If you are starting with your palms, pull towards your armpits.

Do not massage with the very edge of gua-sha, but keep it almost horizontal.


Our gua-sha are handmade from acacia wood. The wood has its own specific structure and therefore each plate is original and may differ slightly from the product photos.