Perfumed Prague - #71 XL Candle Bamboo Edition - Rosewood

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Imagine a wood surface that almost resembles silk, with the sunlight reflecting off its sheen and illuminating the entire space. Such is the power of rosewood, an exotic wood of deep red-brown color. Its scent is just as warm. It acts as a balm for the soul, a velvety sensual elixir in a rare combination with spicy saffron. The scent is subtle at first, but then a spicy pepper accent comes in. Together, they put on a virtuoso performance that will make you want to close your eyes and take in every accent.

Product details:
Size: height 12,5 cm, diameter 8,5 cm
Volume: 180 ml
Ingredients: natural wax, glass, cotton wick, fine fragrance oil
Burning time: up to 80 hours
Fragrance notes: rosewood, sandalwood, saffron