Perfumed Prague – #43 XL Candle Bamboo Edition – Snowdrop, Linen, Aloe (Sněženka, Len, Aloe)

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The silence when it snows. A glittering white blanket covered the sleeping nature, and only here and there did small animal tracks appear in it. With every step, the snow crunches, and the heart is filled with childlike joy, the kind that only Christmas can conjure up. And the smell! Gentle, pure, inimitable. Like freshly washed laundry, fresh and yet silky seductive.

Product details:
Size: height 8.3 cm, diameter 6.5 cm
Volume: 180 ml
Ingredients: natural wax, glass, cotton wick, fine fragrance oil
Burning time: up to 40 hours
Fragrant notes: snowdrop, flax, aloe