Perfumed Prague – #55 Aroma Diffuser – Yuzu, Mint, Vetiver, Cedar, Tobacco

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A refined, fresh interplay of scents that warms and cools at the same time. It is like an open window to the green of a garden, through whose dense jungle the sleepy sun and the cool morning air, marked by dew and peppermint, penetrate. At the same time, the aroma of the yuzu fruit, a small citrus miracle whose freshness is unrivaled, wafts in from the far corner. After a while, the woody cedar enters, moderating the soaring juiciness into earthiness, where it meets harmoniously with tobacco, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Product details:
Size: height 12,9 cm, diameter 6,9 cm
Volume: 200 ml
The aroma diffuser is filled with fragrance composition and essential oils
Lasts: 4-6 months
7 black sticks included
Fragrance notes: yuzu, mint, vetiver, cedar wood, tobacco