Eva a Markéta – Cookbook - Další krok Cesty

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Have you embarked on the Journey to Real Food yet? Now you can walk a little further on it. The Next Step Cookbook brings you almost a hundred recipes and countless nutritional information to help you live a little healthier, tastier and easier.

The next step of the Journey follows on from the first part, which lays the foundations of a healthy lifestyle and helps establish a better lifestyle and diet. The texts of this sequel go deeper and bring even more complex information. They perfectly complement and expand the basics from number one. The next step of the Path uncovers the behind-the-scenes of metabolism, diet, microbiome, neglected lifestyle factors, calorie counting or intuitive eating. You will also find topics such as cooking for the family, the role of diet in different stages of life, or how to combine real food with demanding work or studies.

Eva and Markéta didn't just create a cookbook that you'll dust off again in a year. They have put together a useful and practical guide for you to use on a daily basis. They often have all the recipes on their plate and won't let them go. They are nutritionally and tasty down to the last bite and only easily available ingredients are used for preparation. Thanks to the cookbook, you too can prepare healthy doughnuts, bun bo nam bo like from a Vietnamese grandmother, fitness tiramisu, Indian dhal, creamy Thai curry or even crispy crackers.