Oraculum - Katarzist Eau de Parfum 50 ml

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At the end of the words and the beginning of the breath, there is a rare moment that gives meaning to life. It smells sweet of wildflowers, sensual like leather, and earthy like wood. It begins with a love fight between the feminine and masculine principles, which is perfectly colored by the warm Turkish rose. Fortunately, the perfectly warm sacrifice comes early - thanks to the subtle presence of sweet oud, musk, and leather, which hugs you and doesn't let go until hours after the first whiff.

Catharsis comes between midnight darkness and morning dawn. That's when it's worth waging an internal battle and clearing the air. The culmination of a loving etude is the reward of perfect harmony – purity, self-confidence, sensuality, joy, courage, and carefreeness.


Fragrance Composition:
Head – tobacco, sandalwood
Heart – rose, amber
Base – oud, musk, leather

Size: 50 ml