Oraculum - 11:11 Scented Candle

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Mindcare moment. The head of the candle enchants you with mystical incense that creates an atmosphere of calm and meditation. The heart of the candle will then transport you to a forest paradise, where the scent of cedar and cypress mingles, reminding you of a walk in nature. At the end, the candle envelops you in a warm embrace of sandalwood and soft musk, which create a sensual and soothing atmosphere.

Create your space away from all the noise that inspires confidence and glows from the inside out. Body wellness and self-care is a lifestyle. We believe that it is the balance between everyday, often accelerated life and regular rituals that will help us slow down and regain the peace, self-confidence and connection with ourselves that we need so much to be the best version of ourselves.

Fragrance composition
head: Incense
heart: Cedar, cypress
base: Sandalwood, musk

Perfumer: Tereza Drnek

Use: When lighting the candle for the first time, let the candle burn for at least 2-3 hours so that the wax melts even on its edge. In this way, the wax will not settle on the walls of the glass and it will dissolve evenly. Do not handle the candle after extinguishing it, let it cool completely. Before each lighting, we recommend trimming the wick by a few millimeters.

Burning time: up to 40 hours
Ingredients: coconut-rapeseed oil
Weight: 220 g

Made by hand in the Czech Republic.