Brua Bracelet 1 - Gold

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“BRACELET 1” - your easygoing companion for your daily adventures. Bracelets from this collection are all about simple elegance, fitting effortlessly into your everyday life.

They work together like a perfect team and you can wear them one by one, or have fun mixing and matching, layering them to create different styles. They perfectly capture the idea behind this collection - they're universal and forever in style.

Remember that the gold-plated jewelry tends to wear off, because it’s a thin layer above a base metal. Unfortunately, over time, the base metal will eventually come to the surface, causing the metal and the gold to discolor.

Gold-plating is not immune to damage and to daily contact with other jewelry, so avoid an unnecessary friction. With the right care and the following all our suggestions, gold-plating can keep its appearance even up to 1 year.

We have a possibility to make a jewel piece entirely made of solid gold. If you are interested in this option, please, contact us.