Brua Bracelet 2 - Gold

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“BRACELET 2” - a graceful and airy piece created to caress your wrist with a delicate charm. Its lightness embodies elegance. Pair it with "BRACELET 3" for an exquisite combination that amplifies your style.

Experience elegance with the Brua Gold Plated Bracelet 2. Remember that the gold-plated jewelry tends to wear off, because it’s a thin layer above a base metal. Unfortunately, over time, the base metal will eventually come to the surface, causing the metal and the gold to discolor.

Gold-plating is not immune to damage and to daily contact with other jewelry, so avoid an unnecessary friction. With the right care and the following all our suggestions, gold-plating can keep its appearance even up to 1 year.

We have a possibility to make a jewel piece entirely made of solid gold. If you are interested in this option, please, contact us.