MG – Nut Cream Banana Bread

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We present the limited edition, which was created in honor of the new cookbook Another Step of the Journey. Under its lid, we hid the most popular banana bread from the Path to Real Food, which is even slightly improved in the second part of the cookbook.* The cream contains everything that a good banana bread should have - nuts, high-quality (pecan) flour, real cinnamon, star anise and vanilla. The cream will be a great companion to your porridges, fritters, waffles, pancakes and mug cakes. That is, if you don't just eat it on a spoon first.

No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Gluten-free. No frills.

*The banana sandwich is so good that it has earned pride of place in the kitchens (and Instagrams) of thousands of you and appeared on the cover of The Next Step of the Journey.