Sojo - Palo Santo

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Do you need to relax and get rid of negative thoughts? Wood from the sacred Palo Santo tree has been used since ancient times in aromatherapy, meditation, energy cleaning of spaces or as a natural repellent. The aroma of Palo Santa can be described as aromatic, woody with a slight hint of citrus aroma and sweet coconut.

Palo Santo cleans spaces of negative energy, and its pleasant aroma also creates an ideal atmosphere for meditation, yoga or breathing exercises.

These sticks come from dead Palo Santo trees and their collection is controlled by the local government. Trees are therefore not cut down unnecessarily, but wood is collected only from fallen trees.

Wood of the rare Palo Santo tree intended for smoking.

Package contents: 3 sticks weighing min. 20 g

Origin: Peru

Use: Light the wood, let it burn for about 30 seconds, then blow out the flame and let it smolder on a non-flammable base (e.g. a plate or bowl) with which you can pass through the rooms you want to clean. After the ritual is over, we dip the wood in water and put it out completely. The tree can be used repeatedly after thorough drying.