Clap Design - Chef's knife

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A smaller kitchen knife that will serve you well in virtually any job, whether you need to cut meat or vegetables. The forged ChromMolybdenumVanadium steel blade will stay sharp for a long time, and the PVD-coated titanium finish won't tarnish or scratch. Plus, the surface is non-stick, so your ingredients stick to it less as you work.

Our tips for caring for your knives

Never wash kitchen knives in the dishwasher.
Don't just put knives in the drawer with cutlery or other knives. The knife belongs in a rack or on a holder.
Dry it after each wash.
From time to time, run a sharpener over it.
Do not use conventional "broaching" knife sharpeners, which are more likely to damage the blade. The best way to sharpen the knife is with a classic sharpening stone of different grits and a final wrap on the leather. If you are not experienced in sharpening knives, leave the sharpening to the professionals.
Caution! Quality knives are sharp, but they are also fragile. Be careful to avoid cutting bones, breaking or dropping the knife on the ground.