Clap Design - Kitchen board, serving board - Drop

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You can use the cutting board to cut vegetables and meat, but also, for example, to serve pizza, sushi or cheese.

Round board for slicing and serving
  • Kitchen board made of solid oak wood.
  • Handmade, perfect craftsmanship down to the smallest detail
  • Reversible use
  • It is suitable for slicing and as a serving board
  • Diameter 33 cm

We produce boards in Hukvaldy in the Beskydy foothills from quality oak wood. The journey of the wood to your table took almost three years and the wood comes from local sources.

How we process wood

Why transport wood halfway across the globe, when we have excellent and high-quality woods here too? First, the log is cut into slats, which dry under a roof for at least two years with access to fresh air and normal humidity. It is then dried in ovens to an interior humidity of 8-12%. Only then is the right time to use it to make products for your kitchen.

We made a video about it.

How to maintain our products

Clean with warm water and mild detergent. We recommend occasional treatment with oil, which will extend the life of the cutting board.

Never wash in a dishwasher or with aggressive detergents.