Oraculum - Ritual Box (Limited Edition)

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In the beginning, there was an "Oraculum". That's what we always called the twelve-day Christmas ritual in our house. If you try to devote energy to yourself, your soul and what you desire every day, your horizons will be as clear and bright as the evening light.

This year, join us on the journey of a ritual that clears the waters of indecision and doubt, relieves fear, comforts sadness, brightens moments with pure, even childlike joy, and fills your mind with hope, happiness, and a clear vision.

We skate into the past, where we leave what no longer serves us. We will focus on what we want to achieve, where we are going and what we desire. We will connect with our roots, with our loved ones, and strengthen our relationship with the Holy Heaven. It is important to really live each day to the fullest and not take the ritual lightly. We will experience humility towards life, and who and what surrounds us.


Package contains:

Mindcare oil 11:11 (limited)
The 11:11 fragrance is associated with spikenard oil, in which the combination of essences used induces harmonizing effects. It is an all-embracing and very sacred fragrance that caresses you and warms your heart. The perception of this fragrance will lead you in the direction of sacred heights.

Candle 11:11
The head of the candle enchants you with mystical incense that creates an atmosphere of calm and meditation. The heart of the candle will then transport you to a forest paradise, where the scent of cedar and cypress mingles, reminding you of a walk in nature. At the end, the candle envelops you in a warm embrace of sandalwood and soft musk, which create a sensual and soothing atmosphere.

Incense sticks 11:11
The scent of nard creates an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony and is suitable for relaxation or meditation. From a psychological point of view, it brings a sense of security and strengthens self-confidence. Historical references to the use of nard as incense, balm, or raw material for the production of perfume are in the Bible, the Roman Empire, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

When someone asks you what you want in life or what your goals are, do you find it difficult to answer? Do you know what you want but find it difficult to make it happen? Do you need the energy of clarity and manifestation that a crystal stone provides? The properties of the crystal are a reflection of the aesthetics of the crystal. This crystal is all about clarity, light, reflection and amplification.

The graphic design for the limited edition box was created in collaboration with the painter Monika alias Zrenka. You can read her whole story in this article.